Our philosophy


Our philosophy

Our philosophy

At WonderNorway our philosophy sums up in one sentence: our goal is to create with you the trip of your dreams in a beautiful, wild, authentic, unspoiled region of Norway, away from the crowds and off the beaten track.

Why do we choose to offer tailor-made trips? First of all, for you: to offer you the holidays, the adventure, the experience that will best suit your tastes and desires. Then for us: to avoid routine in our work by creating for each of our travelers a unique trip. It’s more work but it’s also more fun.

Why only one region of Norway? Norway is a vast and beautiful country. We all know the fjords and fishing villages but, with Wonder Norway, we are choosing to introduce you to a less travelled but more authentic area, which is just as spectacular! In addition, by focusing on one specific area, it allows us to find the most beautiful places, to guide you on the most beautiful hikes, to have you discover the secret places that only the locals know, to put you in touch with the best hosts, the best guides, in short, to offer you a unique and authentic experience.

Our mission is to change the way people travel. Our priority is to offer transports, activities, accommodations with a minimal impact on the surrounding nature and environment. We encourage a slower approach on traveling, meaning we strive to offer trips where the traveler has time to contemplate the landscape, to discover a culture and to immerse himself in nature and this seems impossible to do if the traveler is moving every day. 

It is also our duty to be aware of the limitations of our region in terms of tourism and traffic and we are always working to find a good balance between promoting this region while making sure we protect it from mass tourism.

If you leave Norway with the feeling of having experienced the trip you always dreamed of, with beautiful landscapes, a reconnection with nature and a real sense of freedom; if you take the flight back with new memories shared with your loved ones, then our job is done.

It’s an ambitious challenge but the mountain ranges of Rondane, Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell are already doing half the job for us.

Our strengths

Our main strength is our desire to build with you the trip that will best suit your expectations. Trips presented on this website are only inspirations that you can shape to your liking by contacting us, by phone or email. Our second specificity is to have chosen a specific region of Norway still unknown to the masses. In the heart of these majestic mountains, you will be seduced by the beauty of the landscapes and by its authenticity, far from the classic touristic routes.


At WonderNorway, we want every trip to be unique and in total consistency with your travel expectations. Whatever your desires (taking it easy, going on an adventure, sharing precious time with your family ...), it is with great pleasure that we will build together the ideal trip for you.


If you like to discover new territories, if you have the soul of an explorer, a traveller, rather than a tourist, if you wish to flee the crowds, mass tourism and favorite spots of Instagrammers, the Norwegian mountains are for you. This unique and authentic region deserves equally unique and authentic travellers.


You can contact me if you have a problem or question; during your free days, I can suggest interesting walks, viewpoints, cultural places to visit and more... Even if you travel for a change of scenery and discovery, I know that it can be reassuring to have an English-speaking contact on site to whom to address the slightest question.